Our Services

The Study In Ukraine agency performs absolute supervision and individual care for every single student at all stages.

The Study In Ukraine agency gives you full information on the Higher Education system in Ukraine and offers honest, transparent, and professional solutions from the moment you apply to during the whole period of your stay in Ukraine.

Some of our major services rendered to foreign students willing to study at Ukrainian Universities are listed below:

What We Provide

Pre-Admission Support

– Prompt replies to our prospective through E-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram …

– Consultation for the Best University Selection for a certain program.

– Expert Advice on selection of appropriate Bachelors, Masters, PG and D. Programs.

– Issuance of Student Invitation letter in 2-5 working days from any University in Ukraine.

– Immediate Admission Confirmation Letter from our agency with extended details.

– Immediate Visa Confirmation from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

– Communication with Embassies of Ukraine worldwide to Support Our Applicants’ visa.

– Help in buying Cheaper Air Tickets to Ukraine.

At Arrival

– Prior to Arrival Accommodation Arrangement at university Hostel (Right after you provide us with flight details).

– Notification to the Airport for Guaranteed Airport Clearance & Entry to Ukraine.

– MEET & GREET; Pickup from Airport pick up from all International airports in Ukraine.

– Transfer to Prearranged University Hostel Accommodation by our staff.

– Getting you a Local SIM Card immediately for your Cell phone at the Airport, so that you can call your family.








Post Arrival

– Assistance in Paying the Tuition fee to the University Bank Account.

– Arrangement of separate rooms for female students.

– Health & Migration Risk Insurance to stay in Ukraine.

– Medical Checkups on Arrival in Ukraine.

– Assistance in Registration at University, State Migration Department & Issuance of Resident Card.

– Assistance in obtaining a Student ID card, Hostel card, International Student Card.

– Assistance in opening Bank Account in Ukraine.

– Providing full support to our students at all occasions.

– Following up and Legal + Personal Assistance during stay in Ukraine.


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