Get to know what the living conditions in Ukrainian Universities are like.

Living in Ukrainian University Hostels

To study very well, obviously, one needs comfortable living and amenities for easy life functions.  All Ukrainian Universities have a very good system of accommodation at their hostels. The universities in Ukraine are built as “Student City” which means universities are surrounded by their Hostel Buildings and it makes it very easy for foreign students to access them without the use of any transport, for those living at the university hostels.

In the Soviet-era, all universities were built at the central location of each city, so students from all parts of the city could reach conveniently, simply using public transport.

Our company, Study In Ukraine, pays special attention to the living conditions for International Students and in cooperation with our partner universities, we keep upgrading hostel rooms annually. All our hostel rooms are absolutely newly renovated and furnished with all the necessary details for comfortable living and studying in Ukraine.

We guarantee the hostel rooms on campus to every international student invited through our agency, Study In Ukraine. Hostel rooms vary in size so universities accommodate 2 or 3 students per room.

All rooms at student dormitories are supplied with a single bed, a mattress, a pillow, a blanket, and a study desk with a chair, a cupboard, and a rack for books and of course good lighting for both study and leisure. Every student is provided with washed and disinfected Bedsheets, pillow cover, and blanket cover twice in a week. There are areas of common use at all hostels – to play and mingle and to watch television.

All hostel building is Ukraine are furnished with central heating systems and with hot and cold water in the tap, both at the washrooms and the kitchens.

At our hostels, the rooms are attached to a completely functional kitchen where students can cook food of their own taste. Kitchens are supplied with gas stoves, dishwasher basin, and a washing machine to use freely. For hygiene purposes, all students must buy their own kitchen utensils and necessities. If someone is not leaning to prepare food, not to worry, meals are available to buy in excess from various nearby food outlets.

There are always several sports complexes, tennis courts, and playgrounds for students prepared to play and enjoy football, volleyball, hockey, or cricket around all University Hostels in Ukraine.

All university hostels have guest rooms where newly arrived students are accommodated temporarily, and after a satisfactory health report, the students sign a contract with the university and are allotted permanent rooms to stay for the whole period of study.

Students’ security is our top priority, so all university hostels have security guards and reception on the ground floor. The reception allows only students with hostel cards. Guests are allowed but only once identified by the host in the building.

Living in Apartments in Ukraine

Adult students who come to study at the Master’s level or Ph.D. or those who want to keep their personal life private, they prefer living in the apartments than in the hostel. But you have to pay extra for this comfort. To rent a personal apartment is always more expensive than living in a university dormitory. Obviously, it brings more freedom, but more responsibility too.

Study In Ukraine agency can guide its students to find a flat in an appropriate area with an affordable rental price. Usually, one-room furnished apartment rent starts from 150$ in smaller cities, while it starts from 200$ in larger cities.


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